2017 - Global Silent Video Campaign on PA.

2017 - #Voice4Kids International Children's Day.

We raised awareness globally with a Balloon Challenge where families also involved their children.

V4K talks about #StopPA4Kids  

Balloon Challenge for Oct 2016

Our silent global video campaign where parents (affected by PA) shared how long they haven't seen their kids by written messages, and taping their mouths to express that the kids have been silenced. 
Many participated around the globe. these are only a few of the images that went viral.

Karla Lee's Interview with:

​"The Divorce View talk Show" USA (Oct - 2014)

Karla Lee's story (Video Presentation) 
"Voice 4 Kids"  ( 2015)

Woman's Day Magazine - 2004

Christian Women's Magazine - 2003

Playgroup SA Newspaper - 2003

That's Life Magazine - 2004

Karla Lee in the Local Newspaper - 2003

Karla's Book in shops - 2003.


Nurture Parenting Magazine - 2014


They want to change "Fathers Day"

Are they kidding me! (2017)

Karla talks about her Books & Dolls (2016)

2016  - #StopPA4Kids 2016 Balloon Challenge campaign.

Karla Lee's Promotional Video

​About her Books & Puppet Dolls


​Aussie Divorce Article - 2014

"NOW" Magazine - 2003

Karla Lee on 2UE - 2003

Book Launch 2003

Barbara Holborow (OAM),

Karla Lee &

Lily Roberts-Everett

(Sydney Parliament House)

Book Launch 2003

Divorce Magazine Articles - 2014

Don't give all your money to the Family Court (2017)


Our #hashtag campaign in June 2017 was a great success globally with many parents & grandparents marking their hands in support of kids having the right to both parents.

Karla Lee speaks candidly about Parental Alienation (2016)

BOOK LAUNCH Sydney Parliament House 2003
Opened By: Former Magistrate of the NSW Children’s Courts Barbara Holborow(OAM).  
​Lily Roberts-Everett, Convenor of the Australian Children’s Contact Services Association.
Here I share my reason for writing the Books. 

Number 1. Morning Talk Back Radio Show 2GB, Ray Hadley 3/3/03
Number 1. Midnight to Dawn Talk Back Radio Show, John Kerr 3/3/03
2BL (ABC) Radio Show, Sally Loane 4/3/03
Alice Spring Radio Show 4/3/032UE Radio Show,
John Harker 4/3/03Radio Adelaide,
P.J. Rose 6/3/03ABC Brisbane 12/3/03103.
2 Christian Radio  

Number 1. Program “A Current Affair” Channel Nine 3/3/03
Daytime Program: “MORNINGS” show with Kerri-Anne 1/5/03
The Today Show – viewed the Dolls MAGAZINES & NEWSPAPERS
The “NOW” Magazine
St.George & Sutherland Shire Leader
That’s Life Magazine – May Edition Barbara Holborow’s Column
Women's Day - March 2004.  

SPEAKING EVENTS (Karla Lee's Testimony)
Singles Again Program Castle Hill  - Dec 2002 
The Shire Counsel Medical Centre. Sutherland - May 2003
View Club Wed - May 2003
Divorce Singles Again Program  - May 2003
Liverpool Christian Life Centre  - May 2004 

2014  - Karla Lee released E-Book versions of her two Books.

Karla Lee (Voice 4 Kids) recently spoke at a roundtable discussion in Parliament House,

Karla shared her view's on the topic of (Shared Parenting & Family Law) and gave the attendees a glimpse of "The Child's Perspective on Divorce".  

"I was so touched to be able to speak on behalf of the Children of Australia. I hope this
​is the beginning of change for the kids of today, and generations to come";
​says Karla Lee.

2015 - "Voice 4 Kids Summit" PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA
Karla Lee chaired a Voice 4 Kids Summit with guest speakers around Australia who have been affected by divorce. Many MP's and Senators also came to listen and share on this topic.

Karla Lee recently shared her story of how Children are affected by Divorce and ways Parents and the Family Court could help raise more awareness with resources on this topic.

2020 - Karla Lee is preparing the launch of the Voice4Kids Online Global Course for separated parents who wish to reconnect with their children after divorce.