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For over 22 years Karla Lee has devoted her life to this cause because she believes children of separation/divorce deserve a Voice. Click below to learn about Karla's courses.

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Karla's  Courses

Start the "Full How To Reconnect With Your Child After Your Separation" Course, or try Module 1, 2 or 3.

12 Hours of Text, Presentation, Audio and Videos!

Here is some more information about the "How To Reconnect With Your Child After Your Separation" Course here...

This course is a first of its kind written solely by Karla Lee who personally went through her parents’ divorce at the age of nine.

Karla has poured her heart into this course and opens your eyes to see the struggles she faced for over 17yrs.

Karla has also included deep insights into the child's mindset from all her Advocate work she has been doing with Voice4Kids since 2003.

Karla Lee has specifically designed this online course "How To Reconnect with Your Child after Your Separation" for separated parents who are struggling with how to help their children after divorce.

Many times, parents move on after receiving counselling themselves but forget that the children are still stuck in that battle of dealing with their feelings and emotions from the separation.

Within this Online Course Karla has tackled over 30 Audio topics under these 3 Main Modules; Communication, Parents & Step-Parents & Moving Forward.

Karla feels these topics she addresses are the main struggles most children and parents face after separation.

Karla's goal is to bring awareness around the problem area's she hears about on a regular basis, and show parents solutions and tangible tools that could save them and their children years of heartache.

Within the Online Course Karla shares her videos how each topic was for her personally as that child.

Karla is transparent and honest and leaves you with an open eye view of how children can carry the pain of divorce for a very long time when you do not communicate with them on a regular basis. Karla always says "Communication is the KEY!"

Here are a few topics covered in the course:  The Handover, telephone calls, introducing Step-Parents, Birthday/Christmas, the Childs Mindset, bad-mouthing, family court, blending families, parental alienation, restoring trust, how to be that great role-model, moving forward and so many more.

This online course can save your child years of pain if you apply yourself and implement the tangible tools Karla will give you.

For yourself to find this much informative content (in one course) about how separation affects children, it would take you months if not years to find.

Karla says; Knowledge is Power!

So, knowing what steps to take and actions to implement shouldn't be something that you would have to think twice about doing for your children.

You can be that great Role-Model for your children and know that a small investment now will pay off in years to come.

Karla Lee



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Tackling the daily challenges children face, and showing parents where the problems tend to lie and how to move forward with constructive solutions that you can apply straight away.

Welcome to Voice4Kids 

Here on Voice4Kids, you can see all that I have been doing to further the cause of bringing awareness to children who are affected by divorce or separation.

My goal is to help parents co-parent in a more amicable way so they can raise well-adjusted children after divorce. Though the road seems long and hard, I believe in never giving up. Sadly the effects of divorce on children can pave a very hard road for them if communication is not kept open and regularly tapped into.

I only hope that some of what I am doing will help parents, stepparents and families understand what the children are really needing in this season of their lives. I believe all children need to know that just like I did, they can go on to have a very fulfilling life after their parent's divorce.

Finally a Voice4Kids. for going through Separation or Divorce. 

Here's how to get started:

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Learn About Voice4Kids. Our goal is to help separated parents co-parent in a more amicable way.

Karla's Story

Learn about Karla's personal journey and reason behind Voice4Kids.

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February 16, 2021


February 16, 2021


About Karla.

For over 22 years Karla Lee has devoted her life to this cause because she believes children of separation/divorce deserve a Voice. Karla was that child at 9 so she understands the devastation children can feel. Karla believes she has the right tools to help parents co-parent in the best interest of the child. If you believe this is a cause worth financially supporting we humbly appreciate your donation and please know that it will go towards future projects with Voice4Kids.

They Say

Barbara Holborow (OAM)

Former Magistrate of the NSW Children's Courts

 "Karla Lee has captured the answer to help so many children and parents when separation or divorce occurs.

With the illustrations children and young people will be able to absorb the important message Karla is sending". 

(Barbara is referring to the Book "Is it my fault?")

Lily Roberts-Everett

Executive Manager: Interrelate & Managing Director: Kids First

"After working closely with children who have been unheard, unnoticed victims of separation and divorce for nearly ten years, this book gives me hope that at last children can find a way to share the range and depth of emotions adults are largely oblivious to.

Many parts of this story echoed what children have struggled to express to me over the years. This story gives a voice to many voiceless young children." 

If you believe this is a cause worth financially supporting we humbly appreciate your donation and please know that it will go towards future projects with Voice4Kids.

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