For over 22 years Karla Lee has devoted her life to this cause because she believes children of separation/divorce deserve a Voice. Karla was that child at 9 so she understands the devastation children can feel. Karla believes she has the right tools to help parents co-parent in the best interest of the child. If you believe this is a cause worth financially supporting we humbly appreciate your donation and please know that it will go towards future projects with Voice4Kids.

Welcome to Voice4Kids

Here on Voice4Kids, you can see all that I have been doing to further the cause of bringing awareness to children who are affected by divorce or separation.

My goal is to help parents co-parent in a more amicable way so they can raise well-adjusted children after divorce. 

Though the road seems long and hard, I believe in never giving up. Sadly the effects of divorce on children can pave a very hard road for them if communication is not kept open and regularly tapped into.

I only hope that some of what I am doing will help parents, stepparents and families understand what the children are really needing in this season of their lives.

I believe all children need to know that just like I did, they can go on to have a very fulfilling life after their parent's divorce.

$35 (AUD)

Why Waste you time and hard earned money in the family court!!!

You and your child will not benefit from going through he court system, if anything you will probably come out more damaged and also broke due to the courts costs.

At present I am designing an "Online Course" for Separated Parents, and this can be done from the comfort of your own home.

This informative Course will deal with the (Problems & Solutions) parents can face, or may be facing now with their children after separation.

I have input hours of content from my personal experience as a child of divorce and from my 20 years of Advocating for families in this area.

This course is written in the best interest of the child, and will help you understand how they are feeling and what they need from you after your separation.

"Voice 4 Kids " ​is also very excited to announce a new partnership with a New Organisation "Simple Separation".

Separate amicably within 30 days at a fraction of the cost of legal fees.

Simple Separation is a guided service navigating Australians through the minefield of separation and divorce.  

Simple Separation assists individuals and couples to finalise the financial settlement and parenting arrangements out of court and in the best interests of the children.


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$15 (AUD)

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Karla Lee



Paperback Books & Puppet Dolls

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Karla Lee opens the Voice4Kids Summit in

Parliament House, Canberra. 2016


We are excited to announce "Voice 4 Kids" will be working in partnership with "Complete Technology Marketing" in the UK to spread our message far and wide. It was clear we both have a passion for doing what is best for children facing these difficult times and we look forward to the coming weeks and months ahead.