Karla Lee just chaired a (Voice 4 Kids Summit) in Parliament House, Canberra.
The summit was to provide a voice for children, to encourage and facilitate 
(Continued Parenting) after divorce or separation and create broad-based child friendly
public policy, to advance practical solutions to ensure our children always come first.

"Voice 4 Kids" -  AUG 2015

Family Court in Focus event (Fitzroy Town Hall Melbourne)

"Voice 4 Kids Summit" - AUG 2015
Parliament House, Canberra.

"Voice 4 Kids" - Oct 2014

Round Table Discussion - Parliament House, Canberra.

Karla shared her view's on the topic of (Shared Parenting & Family Law), and gave the attendees a glimpse of "The Child's Perspective". 

Karla Lee said; "I was touched to speak on behalf of the children of Australia, and I hope this is the beginning of change for the kids of today, and generations to come:.

Public Appearances

Karla Lee spoke at the Family Court in Focus meeting recently to bring awareness around the Children who are affected by divorce.