Karla Lee open the Voice4Kids Summit in

Parliament House, Canberra.

2017 - Global Silent Video Campaign on PA.

Our silent global video campaign where parents (affected by PA) shared how long they haven't seen their kids by written messages, and taping their mouths to express that the kids have been silenced. Many participated around the globe. these are only a few of the images that went viral.

Voice 4 kids

is not funded by any oraganisation, so it operates entirely through Karla's Family and donations that may come through this website.

For over 20 years, Karla has devoted her life to this cause because she believes children of separation/divorce deserve a Voice.

If you believe this is a cause worth fighting for or financially supporting know that your donations are humbly accepted and put towards future projects with Voice4Kids.


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Karla Lee

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Name: Voice 4 kids

Acc: 449 557 124

BSB: 112-879

We thank you for your support!


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Our #hashtag campaign in June 2017 was a great success globally with many parents & grandparents marking their hands in support of kids having the right to both parents.


We are excited to announce "Voice 4 Kids" will be working in partnership with "Complete Technology Marketing" in the UK to spread our message far and wide. It was clearwe both have a passion for doing what is best for children facing these difficult times and we look forward to the coming weeks and months ahead.

2017 - #Voice4Kids International Children's Day.

2016  - #StopPA4Kids 2016 Balloon Challenge campaign.


Welcome to Voice 4 Kids

Here on Voice4Kids, you can see all that I have been doing to further the cause of bringing awareness to children who are affected by divorce or separation. My goal is to help parents raise well-adjusted children after divorce and encourage children to know that they can go on to have very fulfilling lives.

Though the road seems long and hard, I believe in never giving up. Sadly the effects of divorce on children can pave a very hard road for them if communication is not kept open and regularly tapped into. I only hope that some of what I am doing will help Parents, Stepparents and families understand what the children are really needing in this season of their lives.