2016  - #StopPA4Kids 2016 Balloon Challenge campaign.

Karla Lee open the Voice4Kids Summit in

Parliament House, Canberra.

2017 - Global Silent Video Campaign on PA.

Our silent global video campaign where parents (affected by PA) shared how long they haven't seen their kids by written messages, and taping their mouths to express that the kids have been silenced. Many participated around the globe. these are only a few of the images that went viral.

​2017 - #Voice4Kids International Children's Day.

Our latest global campaign in June 2017 (MARKING OUR HANDS FOR THE DAY) with the hashtag #Voice4Kids on one hand and the other hand with their children's name was a great success. So many participated and got the message out.

Parents & relatives got involved and really pushed the campaign.

We did this on "International Children's Day" to bring awareness around children affected by PA and to also spark a conversation with many on the streets who had no idea about Parental Alienation.


Voice4Kids Latest update.

Name: Voice 4 kids

Acc: 449 557 124

BSS: 112-879

We thank you for your support!

Welcome to Voice4Kids.

Here you can see all that I have been doing to further the cause of bringing awareness around Children who are affected by divorce or separation. Though the road seems long and hard, I believe in never giving up.

Sadly the effects of divorce on children can pave a very hard road for them if communication is not kept open and regularly tapped into. I only hope that some of what I am doing will help Parents, Stepparents and families understand what the children are really needing in this season of their lives.



Divorce the Talk Show  - is a fabulous NEW SHOW coming soon to global television. Every topic around the word DIVORCE will be covered.

​I am privileged to be a contributor on the show with my great friend James Brown.

Karla Lee

Our #hashtag campaign in June 2017 was a great success globally with many parents & grandparents marking their hands in support of kids having the right to both parents.